SAPY (PTY) Ltd was incorporated in 1994 to supply the multi-filament polypropylene yarn market in South Africa and surrounding regions, and began production in October 1995. Building on strong technical expertise, the company was driven forward to establish the market foothold that it has in the industry today. Over 70,000 m² factory space is home to 3 modernised divisions within SAPY – namely Yarn, Masterbatch and Fibre.

SAPY Polypropylene Yarns are produced from polyolefin extruded continuous filaments which can be mixed with pigments. These highly elastic filaments undergo a variety of further processes and can be offered Flat (untwisted), Flat Twisted, False Twist Textured, Air Textured and Flat Intermingled – resulting in yarns tailor made for your specific end use.

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